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China invaded Spratly islands of Vietnam (real footage 1988)

Posted in Life & Stream by Vũ Phương on Tháng Tư 27, 2009

Summer 2008, after visiting some Vietnamese islands in the southern area of the so-called “South China Sea”, several wreaths on deck were dropped down into the ocean by the delegation of Vietnamese navy. In commemoration of 64 fallen Vietnamese sailors and officers, that ceremony has been organized since a naval battle took place on March 14th, 1988 between the Chinese and Vietnamese navy. While casting anchor by a former battlefield, wreaths together with cigarettes, chewing-gums and something simple that is habitual for every soldier in the past were falling in turn into the water. And then some of them were torn, not only the veterans that participated the defending battle 20 years ago, but also the young sailors just like every ending of those touch events. In remembering the last moments with the fallen, the bloody memories of their comrades who used their bodies, hand in hand, to build a wall to protect motherland territory were appearing gradually. In fact, this naval battle lasted for some hours at three reefs nearby the island called Sin Cowe  one of the biggest islands among the Spratly islands.

Video Clip do các bạn TTVNOL thực hiện, đáp trả lại một video clip trước đó của Trung Quốc về trận đánh năm 1988 được đưa lên mạng.

Xem link gốc: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6kj9YZ2558 (có vài bạn Philippine rất hổ báo :)) )

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